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Artificial Turf Pitch Maintenance

Low Maintenance Not No Maintenance

There is a common misconception that artificial grass sports pitches are maintenance free. In reality a regular program of maintenance is critical to keeping your pitch performing to the highest standard and maximising its life span.

. What Maintenance and When?

Little and often is the key phrase when it comes to looking after your artificial turf pitch. Implementing a regular maintenance regime will pay dividends in the long run and we can design a bespoke program for you to support this aim.

If your pitch is suffering from poor drainage, split seams or moss and algae then restorative maintenance is what you need. Deep cleanining, de-compaction and de-contamination will bring your pitch back to life and avoid those playing hours lost to bad weather.

Maintenance Services

  • Rotary Brushing and Decompaction
  • Infill Decontamination
  • Moss and Algae Treatment
  • Sand and Rubber Infill Top Ups
  • Seam Repairs

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